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Medical Supplies Network, Inc.

Help Rotary Answer the Call with Your Call

Whether you are a donor or a facilitator to a donation, please call or write for more information. Rotary District 6110 Medical Supplies Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Tax under Section 501(c)(3).

No matter how large or small, your gift of medical equipment or supplies will be as beneficial as it is greatly appreciated. For all the world.


    Mr. Jack Maxwell, Chairman of the Board
    Medical Supplies Network, Inc.
    11616 S. Fulton Ave
    Tulsa, OK 74137
    Fax: (918) 296-0691
    Home: (918) 296-0689
    Cell: (918) 637-8456

    Mr. Larry Biron, Director of Operations
    1123 S Erie
    Tulsa, OK 74112
    Phone: 918-832-7968
    Fax: 918-832-9896
    Cell: 918-639-1492