Do a World of Good


Medical Supplies Network, Inc.

It's So Easy to Help a World in Medical Need

The call is now out to hospitals, doctors, medical groups, clinics, rehabilitation centers, pharmaceutical companies,Doctors nursing homes, home health agencies, medical suppliers, and so many others….

Save storage space. Save landfills. Save little corners of the wide world by donating retired equipment or surplus supplies that include:

  • Operating tables, examination tables, stretchers, lights, surgical instruments, gurneys, walkers, crutches, braces, sheets, patient and surgical gowns, etc.
  • Any kind of physical/occupational therapy equipment.
  • Stationary and portable anesthesia equipment, sterilizers, suction machines, and surgical implements for remote-area missions.
  • Gloves, masks, syringes, bandages, thermometers, stethoscopes, Otoscopes, Ophthalmoscopes, Sphygmomanometers, test tubes, beakers, and more.
  • Dental chairs, drills, tools, x-ray equipment, etc.
  • Manual beds, mattresses, sheets, pillow cases, blankets, surgery scrubs, patient gowns, surgery sheets, etc.
  • Anything and everything you don’t use today that patients in need around the globe can use!