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MSNI D6110

Our Thanks to  Network Partners MSNI and D-6110 (Jack Maxwell and Larry Biron) who have worked unceasing within D-6110 and with other districts to create funding, sent medical supplies, wheelchairs, WaterBoxes, and promoted the best relief information website for their district so Rotarians could make a difference. Rtn. Ed Mattson PHF, Program Director THN.


From: Dr. Ali Tahiri <>
Subject: Re: WaterBox refill
To: "ed mattson" <>
Date: Tuesday, March 9, 2010, 8:58 PM

Dear Ed,
Thank you for the Water Boxes that helped save countless lives and make a significant difference in the lives of many who were touched by the  MSNI D6110 generosity.
I would appreciate if you could arrange to supply me with refill sachets for the boxes that we have sent,
Yours in Rotary Service  Ali


MSNI Warehouse and Rotary D-6110 – Besides shipping a container of medical supplies, MSNI and Larry Biron spearheaded a drive to raise money to ship over 200 Waterboxes which provided clean safe water for over 200,000 people.

Additionally, MSNI partnered with Hosean International and with The Humanitarian Network to bring together funding and partners for a physical therapy clinic in Pignon, and to provide on-going supplies and support for additional such clinics in Haiti.
Hosean Ministries, Pignon, Haiti: This faith-based organization went into action the day of the earthquake and established a base camp which cares for thousands of Haitians and their children. Hosean became the delivery mechanism using an old school bus, for goods to the northern part of Haiti. Hosean was also instrumental in helping to establish the air transportation and later the barge movement of goods into Cap Haitien, Haiti.

Waterboxes being distributed in Haiti by Caleb Lucien's Compound

Caleb Lucien with Waterbox


Waterbox in Haiti


Hosean Ministries

Some of the people that will benefit from safe water.

Waterbox at Hosean

Flying in bottled water may not be the best answer. The WATERBOX Program provides safe drinking water for $.15 cents per person per day.  After the WATERBOX response, Filtration Systems will be deployed. 

The 5 lb Answer with no waste bottles to pollute the countryside!


WaterBox® 2400 liters of water from a 5 lb box


CWI High Volume Water Purification System I

Water Pure

The CWI High Volume Water Purification System is the perfect water system high volume disaster needs or for towns where the municipal water supply is "suspect". The system is portable and light weight and easier transportable system can be powered by electricity produced from gas, diesel, propane generators during emergencies, or by municipal electricity if available. It will produce enough clean drinking water to fill an average sized swimming pool in a day and a half. Water purity meets international standards for quality; test results available. The system provide safe water for 15,000 people per day. Item 10

Projects and Support for Haiti

1. Rehabilitation Clinic
2. Water Production
3. Water Purification
4. Medical Supplies

Hosean Ministries
The Hosean International Compound in Pignon

MSNI Rehab Clinic:

 The MSNI Rehabilitation Clinic  has been designed to meet the short term and long term needs of Haiti. 

Rehabilitation Clinics


To establish a Rehabilitation Clinic in Haiti to provide services to those impacted by amputation. The first clinic will be used to provide services and to train in country providers.

The Building(s):

Two 20 ft x 30 ft Rapid Response Buildings. The Buildings are designed to attach, providing 1,200 sq ft of space. They meet the need for a Class A Building that can be shipped and assembled in Haiti.  After its use at one location, it can be repacked and moved to a new location. This is a facility built with lightweight modular construction that can be containerized for turn-key, on-site assembly. Additional containers  would house all the necessary equipment. 


MSNI has agreed to provide the equipment required for this size rehabilitation clinic.  Working with MSNI, Project Support Partners,  will provide recourses to provide any additional equipment.  Plus, resources have offered crutches and other items for Haiti, and this facility. MSNI will screen all donated items to insure that they are appropriate for the program.


MSNI and Project Support Partners will find the most appropriate professional staff for this facility. Several  Universities with physical therapy and rehabilitation programs have been identified. Also, several NGOs have also been asked. .

Rehabilitation Floorplan
Rehabilitation Center

 Water/Wastewater Purification .. WE have partnered with the provider of PuR and with ONE of the LEADING providers of Water Purification Systems.

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The TV channel did an interview with me about the need for water boxes and other help. I will send you the link tomorrow.
YIRS,  Ali

From: Dr. Ali Tahiri <>
Subject: Re: More supplies headed your way
To: "ed mattson" <>
Date: Thursday, January 28, 2010, 3:32 PM

Thanks ED,
30 water boxes went yesterday, 10 today. Hope Outreach Int will distribute them. Each box had a 3' Rotary Decal attached to them.  YIRS, Ali

Hosean Ministries
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