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Medical Supplies Network, Inc.

Success Stories to Warm Your Heart
One of Medical Supplies Network's first projects was helping a 500 bed hospital in Angeles City in the Philippines. Dingy bathtubs were used to wash surgical clothing and gowns, masks and surgical sheets were dried on the ground and on clotheslines.

One of the reasons Angeles had such bad conditions was that the city's hospital was destroyed by the ash from the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo which also killed numerous patients. The hospital had moved into an empty apartment building. The Network established a joint venture with local doctors to help equip a rehab center at JBL Memorial Regional Medical Center and provide basic equipment and supplies for the Angeles City General Hospital.

Phillippines 1 While visiting the Philippines on business, Jack Maxwell was asked to speak at a local Rotary meeting by Rotarian Tony Angeles. He met Dr. Antonio Guzman, a urologist, who was in desperate need of equipment. On January 10, 1996, four 40 foot containers of medical equipment and supplies were delivered to Angeles, including a complete urological x-ray suite. Additional donations to Angeles include three blood dialysis machines contributed by Hillcrest Kidney Specialists of Oklahoma. The two pictures on this page are that Philippine shipment.

MSNI continues to send numerous shipments of equipment and supplies throughout the world on an annual basis.

Phillippines 2 Closer to home, the Network is also helping with basic health care needs of its local citizens. As an example, the Network connected with Tulsa Emergency Infant Services and Hillcrest Medical Center. Now baby formula is being used by the children of twenty-five families a day instead of being destroyed or used for animal feed a month before its expiration date.